If the whole, strange, mystifying psychic gift could be snatched out of the darkness of séance rooms and put into the capable, probing hands of science, everybody would feel much better about the subject and the world of science and philosophy would be enriched.

– From Eileen Jeanette Lyttle Garrett’s book The Sense and Nonsense of Prophesy

As the name Séance Science suggests, the focus of this site will be on facts, on what scientists and others have observed and reported. You won’t find religious judgments or spiritist interpretations here. You will find discussions of puzzling phenomena such as levitationanomalous knocks or “spirit raps,”phantom apparitionsmaterialization and dematerializationmetal-bending, so-called “poltergeist” outbreaks and other seemingly “impossible” occurrences.

These phenomena as well as others such as telepathy and precognition  all fall under the heading of psi, as the next-to-last letter of the Greek alphabet (ψ) pronounced “sigh.” 

Paris, 1898: Scientists and researchers carefully observe Eusapia Palladino during a séance at the home of Camille Flammarion. Palladino caused the table to levitate seven times in the fully-lighted room.

Paris, 1898: Scientists and researchers carefully observe Eusapia Palladino during a séance at the home of Camille Flammarion. Palladino caused the table to levitate seven times in the fully-lighted room.

I hope that the rare people, with extraordinary abilities that you encounter here, will lead you to understand that there is much to be learned about human potential. I hope, too, that you are inspired to ask the kinds of questions that might eventually lead to solving these mysteries.


Unfortunately these rare occurrences are considered by most mainstream scientists as either fraudulent tricks or delusions.  The vast literature and acknowledgement by famous scientists and researchers of the last two centuries is completely ignored by them and any interest in or acceptance of these occurrences by a member is taboo.

Their position is simple. According to the skeptics: “These powers defy the known laws of physics –- It’s impossible for them to exist, therefore they don’t exist. All reported cases are examples of fraud. If you believe them you are not worthy of being a scientist…”

“Professional” scientific journals will not publish findings, and the media will deride reports if they report them at all. Consequently what a scientist might recognize or study in private he (or she, but it’s usually he) will not acknowledge publicly.


The anti-psi bias of some news outlets and especially the gross distortions and outright untruths of pseudo-skeptics on Wikipedia also misleads the public. These zealous psi-deniers use innuendo and half-truths to denigrate anything to do with anomalous phenomena.  The references they cite are mostly those of other pseudo-skeptics. If you are searching for further information, other than what you find on this site, do not consult Wikipedia: Go instead to the Psi Encyclopedia created by the Society for Psychical Research.


I think that in time new discoveries and insights will come about in quantum physics and biophysics that will explain these forces; Today’s focus on consciousness is a step in the right direction.

This knowledge will probably not happen in my lifetime, but I hope that by enlightening the public as to the reality and importance of these forces, by divesting them of superstition and misplaced religious beliefs, more thinkers, more scientists will make the advances needed to solve, to understand, these mysteries.


My name is Rosemarie Pilkington. You can see my credentials here if you want to check me out to make sure I’m not a kook or a fanatic. I’ve been interested in psi research for most of my life and have learned much from other expert scientists in the field—from their writings and from discussions—and from my own personal experiences and explorations. I’ve been particularly intrigued by the strange physical occurrences associated with mediums and the elusive workings of the subconscious mind.


There are two main sections: INSIDE THE SÉANCE ROOM and OUTSIDE THE SÉANCE ROOM. Within each section are three sub-sections: PHENOMENA, PEOPLE, and COMMENTARIES. Start with any topic that interests you. There are links on each page to lead you to more adventures and you will find videos and recommendations for further reading as well.

For instance you might want to start Phenomena inside the séance room with Table Tilting, then find out more about the Paranormal Sounds that might be heard, Apparitions, Ectoplasm, Levitation , Lights, Odors, etc. or Materialization before exploring People such as D.D. Home.