Living Powers vs Spirit Theories

Among those who study séance phenomena there is, and has been since the Fox Sisters’ interpretation of knocks on their headboards, a dispute over whether these manifestations are caused by discarnate entities, that is, the spirits of dead people, or in some way by those still resident on this earth.

In the latter group are the materialists, the de-bunkers who maintain that the mediums or those others who are producing the effects are cheaters, frauds, perpetrating their sleight-of-hand or other tricks on the credulous and gullible.

And then there is the smaller subset of that group, of which I am a member, who maintain that the phenomena are indeed genuine, but are produced by forces, that we do not yet understand, of living people who are themselves generally unaware consciously that they are responsible.

The argument, which is often quite heated, will continue to persist with no end in sight. That is until science advances to where it can understand and explain what is going on, most likely not in my lifetime.


Whether phenomena like levitation, thought photography (thoughtography), apparitions, ectoplasmic forms, and other such phenomena are the result of living agencies or a disgruntled spirit, they do exist. Despite propaganda you might have read by fearful materialist debunkers, there is incontrovertible proof of their reality. Even if they are caused by spirits, they have to operate through the laws of physics, and since the laws as we understand them can’t account for them, the laws are obviously incomplete.