Paranormal Séance Sounds

Probably the most frequent of séance phenomena are various kinds of sounds heard, which are not made in the usual way. They include more varieties than can be listed here.

Visual image of several bursts of sound

Visual image of several bursts of sound

You hear most often of raps or knocks, but even these can be whisper soft thuds to ear-shattering BANGS coming from furniture, walls, floors, the ground or the air.  They may sound like scratches, hammering or even voices, speaking or singing.


Several scientists have analyzed recordings of raps produced at séances and compared them with knocks made normally and found differences. The normal knocks start with a strong vibration and slowly fade, while the anomalous raps do the opposite—start small and build to a climax.

“Vocal” sounds heard in séances or in “poltergeist” cases, do not appear to come from vocal cords. Indeed there are many cases of phantoms that speak and sing, some of which you may read about in these pages.


In The Spirit of Dr.Bindelof  Gil Roller tells of the different raps or knocks that would announce the “entity” supposedly trying to communicate with them.  For instance, a “Dr. Rinchner,” who claimed he was a friend of Bindelof announced himself with five knocks.

The “main event,” the announcement of Dr. B’s presence was much more dramatic.  The boys called it a “crescendo” because it built from a very soft patter to and ear-shattering “crash.” 


From the description of all the former members of the group I interviewed, this “crescendo” was like a drum roll that might announce a circus or variety act.  The “roll” was like that of an excellent drummer, so fast that the boys, even Gil who played the piano, couldn’t reproduce it.  

I believe that Gil, who was the unknowing “medium” of the group, whose mother was a professional singer/actress, and who spent much time backstage in theaters when he travelled with her, was subconsciously introducing the “star of the show,” Bindelof, with a dramatic drum roll.

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