Men & Women of Parapsychology, Vol 1



ESPRIT: Men and Women of [glossary_exclude]Parapsychology[/glossary_exclude], Personal Reflections, Volume 1 is a collection of autobiographical essays by a group of esteemed 20th century psi researchers, giving us a glimpse of why these gifted, astute individuals devoted much, if not most, of their life’s work to this fascinating but monetarily unrewarding field. In the process, Jule Eisenbud, Eileen Coly, Gertrude Schmeidler, Karlis Osis, and eight others advise a younger generation on what pitfalls to expect and what they felt were the most important areas of investigation.

About the Author
Rosemarie Pilkington earned a Ph.D. in Psychology (Consciousness Studies) from Saybrook Graduate Institute, under the mentorship of Prof. Stanley Krippner. She has written articles and reviews of books on psi phenomena for Fate, the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, and other periodicals.  Her signature book, The [glossary_exclude]Spirit[/glossary_exclude] of Dr. Bindelof:  The Enigma of [glossary_exclude]Seance[/glossary_exclude] Phenomena, a study of physical mediumship, is also published by Anomalist Books. The second volume in this series, Men and Women of Parapsychology Personal Reflections, Volume 2, is also published by Anomalist Books.

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